Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Project 365 - Day 49 (31/03/10)

Day 49: Just got back from the cinema, Alice in Wonderland is amazing. Depp is legendary as usual.

Wore my DMs, grey socks, blue tights, New Look heart print dress, red belt and purple cardigan.

Also wore some earrings, they're slightly chav-tastic but I found them in a vintage shop a few years ago and fell in love with them. They're a bit different, a close up for you to inspect. I feel they kinda dress me up a little, which is sometimes very necessary!!

Remember it's April Fools Day tomorrow :)

Much love

Project 365 - Day 48 Part 2 (30/03/10)

As promised a picture of the awesome doughnut dress of my friends I wore out last night. Love it.

Worn with black pumps, blue tights, red belt, purple cardigan, sparkly bracelet (a present from the friend who owns the dress) and awesome statement earrings.

Much love

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Project 365 - Day 48 (30/03/10)

Pretty boring outfit today; leggings and ASDA leopard print dress. Comfy though.

I'm off out tonight and I'm borrowing my friends doughnut dress, it is AWESOME! Hopefully I'll get a picture for all of you to see the amazingness.

Much love

Monday, 29 March 2010

Project 365 - Day 47 (29/03/10)

Day 47: I have a much more active life at home compared to uni. Hence the late posts while I am home I'm afraid.

I wore a total of 3 outfits today, impressive I think. I wore my maxi dress to do some baking and got covered in chocolate (including my hair), then I had a wash and changed into my checked dress and by the time I had to head out to Nando's (YUM!) I felt it was appropriate to make a bit of an effort.

So you get the picture of my slight effort: DMs, leggings, denim H&M dress, pink long sleeved top and flowery jacket both from New Look. I look very disheveled as this was taken about an hour ago.

Hopefully I'll have some time to spend a bit more time on this in the next few days, if not when I'm back at uni I'll have lots of time!

Much love

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Project 365 - Day 46 (27/03/10)

Day 46: Late post today, been doing lots of things today. Playing with nieces and nephews, making truffles, jumping on a trampoline and making dinner.

I'm wearing leggings, H&M dress that I wore as top before and the purple cardigan is back.

Much love

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Project 365 - Day 45 (27/03/10)

Day 45: Another simple & comfortable outfit, just going to sort my stuff out today. Excuse the freshly washed, but not quite brushed, hair.

New Look jeans (that I appear to be living in at the moment) and Primark t-shirt. The lighting is rubbish in this picture but I love how the writing glows!! I'm just disappointed it didn't look like that in person.

Off to sort out my mountains of clothes. Have a great Saturday

Much love

Friday, 26 March 2010

Project 365 - Day 44 (26/03/10)

Day 44: I'm travelling today so comfort all the way.

Unmatching stripey socks, New Look baggy jeans, green vest top from New Look (of course) and purple spotty H&M hoody.

Am looking forward to getting back! Yay!

Much love

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Project 365 - Day 43 (25/03/10)

Day 43: Surprisingly active day today, already been out and about back and heading out again later.

I like my look today, brown boots, leggings, grey Primark dress with a cowl neck, New Look leather jacket and my lovely earrings from my friend. I like my hair, put it in plaits so its wavy, I think I really want that crimped effect, I know its not particularly popular but I love crimping. Might invest in a pair of crimpers...

I was absolutely boiling when I went out, it's so nice and warm out there. No need for a jacket.

Much love

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Project 365 - Day 42 (24/03/10)

Day 42: A bit boring today I'm afraid. Though my love of leopard print is very evident.

Fluffy socks, New Look Jeans, Sainsbury's blac vest top and purple H&M leopard print cropped cardigan. I love this cardigan, can't wait til Spring is properly here and I can wear it more often.

That's all for today

Much love

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Project 365 - Day 41 (23/03/10)

Day 41: I feel like I have no clothes, this is of course the complete opposite of the truth but just one of those days where I feel my wardrobe is very boring. I did get over it to put on a colourful outfit which made me happier.

Blue tights (always a fave), Miss Selfridge skirt and green New Look top.

I have decided I need some work casual accessories. I tried on some earrings and necklaces with this and felt like I was ready for a night out, not a lecture. Not great....

Anyway, nothing too exciting today I'm afraid but I'm colourful which is super :)

Much love

Monday, 22 March 2010

Project 365 - Day 40 (22/03/10)

Day 40: Back to mirror pictures today I'm afraid.

Day in the flat doing work again. Blue socks, leggings, colourful H&M shorts I love and Primark t-shirt.

Short and sweet.

Much love

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Project 365 - Day 39 (21/03/10)

Day 39: The post is up very late today, I've been doing work and cooking so got a bit distracted. My boyfriend decided that my messy room should be on display for this picture, I didn't particularly agree but it doesn't look too bad in this picture I suppose...

Had a PJ day again, fluffy leopard print socks, La Senza PJ bottoms, New Look vest top and H&M cardigan. Very comfy.

Hope you're Sunday was just as comfortable

Much love

Project 365 - Day 38 Part 2 (20/03/10)

Day 38 Part 2: Went to the pub last night so thought I'd share with you what I wore. Gladiator heels, tights, denim shorts I made, H&M blue leopard print top and leather jacket. Also wore awesome earrings that were a prezzie at Christmas.

Also included a picture of all the girls I went out with as I think they all looked lovely! Suitably dressed for a night in the pub.

I went home early and barefoot with a blister on the sole of my foot. So so so sore, no heels for a while methinks.

Much love

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Project 365 - Day 38 (20/03/10)

Day 38: I have my official photographer (my boyfriend) back today so no mirror shot today.

Leopard print socks, black New Look jeans and leopard print dress that I've tied at the back to make a top. I think I almost prefer this as a top but in the summer its so cooling as a dress so I won't cut it up just yet.

Hope everyone enjoys their Saturday, I'm about to do work so wish me luck.

Much love

Friday, 19 March 2010

Project 365 - Day 37 (19/03/10)

Day 37: Pure comfort today I'm afraid.

Blue socks (probably covered by slippers soon), leggings, grey Miss Selfridge skirt, New Look t-shirt which has lots of Muppets references over it and a big picture of Animal behind the writing and a Primark man's cardigan. I got this cardigan when all the long cardigans were just coming into fashion and were £30+ which I would never pay, so I got this one for £6 from the men's department of Primark to save some cash, it's very comfortable.

Whenever I wear a lot of grey like this my boyfriend says I look like a squirrel...I'm glad I didn't wear my grey leggings with this as I really would be asking for it.

Much love

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Project 365 - Day 36 (18/03/10)

Day 36: I've had one of those days where whatever you wear is annoying or ugly or uncomfortable. It took me ages to get ready, very annoying. Due to this I am wearing what I plan to walk out the door in, which I do not usually do when I have hours before I have to leave.

Brown Faith boots, leggings, shorts I made, top (which I have worn as a dress) that I made, New Look fake leather jacket, gorgeous earrings from my lovely friend Flick and an orange H&M flower in my hair. I love the earrings so gave you a close up.

I hope the weather stays warm, otherwise I'll have to alter my outfit when I go to my lecture.

Oh icey blue nail varnish today.

Much love

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Project 365 - Day 35 (17/03/10)


A great day of the year for everyone and I hope some of you have made the effort and worn some green!!

I have worn my only green piece, except my Versace cardigan, that's not dressy. A fairly boring outfit but it had to be done. Fluffy socks, New Look baggy jeans and green vest top.

Have a great Paddy's day everyone

Much love

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Project 365 - Day 34 (16/03/10)

Day 34: I love this outfit and it makes me happy and I have worn it before on Day 10.

Socks, leggings, Primark dress about 4 years old, red belt and the return of the purple New Look cardigan. It's had a break but it is back!

Also an orange flower in my hair, flowers are so summery and nice that I had to wear one today.

Much love

Monday, 15 March 2010

Project 365 - Day 33 (15/03/10)

Day 33: I need your help today. These are a pair of culottes....they were £3 from Miss Selfridge. I am totally unsure about them! My mum persuaded me to buy them as they were such a bargain and she thought I would regret not doing so, I agreed with her as I thought I could always turn it into a skirt.

I have not worn it yet as I am still to be convinced...

I like the pattern and it's really comfortable and it has pockets which I LOVE in any item of clothing. I think it would be perfect for the summer without leggings.

However I find it quite unflattering, though that hasn't stopped me wearing something before!! But I just think it would look a lot better on someone a lot slimmer. It is a typically unslimming style but I suppose I can't get away from the fun of it!! It's not a fashion statement, it's just fun!

I also think it looks better with the top over the shorts but in doing so it totally loses its style and whole point to it and I can't use the pockets which is the worst thing!! It also gets a little lumpy under the top due to all the gathering.

So a question, should I keep them as culottes? If so which way shall I wear them? Or should I make it into a skirt?

Much love

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Project 365 - Day 32 (14/03/10)

Day 32: First things first, Happy Mother's Day to my lovely Mum today :)

Today I'm wearing leopard print socks, jeggings which were a lovely gift from my boyfriend, green New Look vest top and the printed top/dress that I wore on Day 21 but just with a vest top underneath not a long sleeved top. I feel very summery and happy!!

Hope you all feel the same

Much love

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Project 365 - Day 31 (13/03/10)

Day 31: Another day doing work in the flat so very comfy. New Look slippers, leggings, Oasis t-shirt/dress thing and H&M pink cardigan.

This dress was a bargain, in the sale in Oasis a few years ago for £15. I also bought it in grey as I like it that much. I love the colour and the pattern, however the face does kinda freak me out, not sure why, but I don't have to look at it so its fine. The yellow line has sequins on as well which is fun. Perfect loungy outfit, very comfortable.

Hope everyone has a fun Saturday!!

Much love

Friday, 12 March 2010


Think I found the way to make it easier to post comments on here now!! It should work for everyone and remember your information now. Comments will now come in a pop out window.

Aren't I clever?

Shhhhh, I don't really want an answer!

My love of Moulin Rouge

I love Moulin Rouge and have always been captivated by the amazing costumes that Nicole Kidman got to wear while filming it. It was all vintage glamour, extravagance and drama in the best possible way. I thought I would talk about my favourite looks (most of them) and tell you why they are SO very amazing and inspiring.

This red dress is so amazing, I love the drama of it and that it also completely ruins the myth that redheads should not wear red. The fit, the length, the neckline and the train with black underlay are all so flattering, absolutely gorgeous and completely glamorous. This is complete drama, particularly because of the colour and the train and it works so well for the film, but I can't help thinking if it was white or ivory and bride would completely lust after it. Back to the original and red lips set this look off completely.

These two looks are both amazing with again a lot of drama. The pink diamond outfit (far right) is so perfect, a can can costume which is completely over the top. The pink feather skirt is just so perfect, not only for the dance routine it is used in but also because it is so extravagant and frivolous it cleverly marks the difference from the beginning and the end of the movie. I also completely love the sparkles!! The gothic tower look completely sums up the drama of that in the movie and so luxurious and extravagant. This necklace is a brilliant piece of jewellery, sums up the meanings for her wearing them but it is so beautiful, I feel in love with the total drama of it from the first time I saw it.

This final piece is the Hindi wedding costume and is the last of Nicole Kidman's costumes. For those who don't know this is a costume from a play that Nicole Kidman's character is in. This dress, but particularly the jewellery and headpiece are so glamorous and dramatic, it could have easily been too costumey but they kept it believable. The dress is very simple with some gorgeous embellishments on the bust and the end of the skirt which add interest, the necklace is a scaled down version of the gothic tower one and definitely provides the sparkle and decadence required while the headpiece seems to have been added for authenticity for being set in India, I still love it - the intricacies and delicateness of it definitely adds an enchanting subtlety to the whole look.

These are just some of the amazing costumes in this film, it was definitely films with such dramatic costumes that really enthused me to learn more about fashion.


Proect 365 - Day 30 (12/03/10)

Day 30: Boring outfit today I'm afraid as I'm just starting another weekend of staying in and doing work.

Pink fluffy socks, leggings, grey Miss Selfridge skirt, blue New Look vest top and purple leopard print cropped cardigan. Love this cardigan as I love leopard print, apparantly thats because I'm a redhead.

Oh pale pink nails today (and yesterday but forgot to tell ya).

Much love

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Project 365 - Day 29 (11/03/10)

Day 29: I feel really 'bleurgh' (technical term obviously) today so decided to cheer myself by giving myself them morning off work and by dressing up nice for my lecture this afternoon.

Wearing my turquoise tights, orange & black skirt (more about that below), Primark t-shirt, New Look cardigan, H&M blue flower (lovely Christmas present) and I'm even wearing make-up today. I haven't had a chance to dress up nice for a few weeks so its nice to do so now.

Now the skirt: this was a Gold by Giles Deacon dress (from New Look a few years ago) and I turned it into a skirt. I love this pattern and colour and everything, its so much fun and I do like that I can now wear it a bit more dressed down than what it was like before.

I feel much happier being dressed up, it looks cold outside though so I'm not looking forward to venturing out.

Wish me luck

Much love

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Project 365 - Day 28 (10/03/10)

Day 28: This is an unusual outfit today. Purple socks, leggings, green long-sleeved top from New Look and a grey Republic dress.

This dress is a summer dress so I always think this looks weird with a top underneath, but I still like it. The dress is has lots of lovely grey flowers on. The only annoying thing is the straps are tie up ones so I have to be aware that they don't come undone as that would be a big disaster. I also have managed to take this at an extremely unflattering angle, I can assure you it looks a lot better in person.

Much love

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Any ideas?

I got this lovely Ruby ring last month from my boyfriend and have yet to wear it as it's too big :(

I really really want to wear this as its so very beautiful and very me.

So I have a favour to ask! I can get it made smaller at a shop from home but up here it all costs far too much, so was wondering if anyone knows where you can get those things that you put onto rings so they are smaller?? I only ever remember seeing them in those awesome magazine things that got delivered years ago that sold all those random gadgets you would probably never need! Well now I need one of those things and I can't find it! Typical!

Any help is very appreciate!! Thanks :)

Project 365 - Day 27 (09/03/10)

Day 27: Wow nearly 4 weeks doing this! Crazy!

I actually have to venture out to uni today, but not til a lot later so got a lot of time at home still.

Wearing New Look jeans and slippers, Primark "Tutti Frutti" T-shirt and the H&M cradigan from yesterday as I think I've rediscovered my love of it.

I still feel half asleep and think I look it in this picture. Must go try and wake myself up with some food now.

Much love

Monday, 8 March 2010

Oscars Oscars Oscars

Well it had to be done I'm afraid. Every year Oscar's fashion truly gets me and this year I get to give you my opinion on it - lucky you eh. I'm not going to go through everything but for a really good showing of everything Oscar's fashion related head over to Go Fug Yourself which is where I got all my pictures.

There were quite a few gorgeous dresses this year but I really fell in love with Jennifer Lopez (right) and Amanda Seyfried's (left) Armani dresses and they are very memorable. I have been reading up about these and they were not that popular as they were seen as too wedding-y, which I can see but for the Oscars you can pretty much go as OTT as you like surely. My only disappointment was a strange angle from Jennifer Lopez's dress but as long as she stands the other way I love it. Another point a few people have made that I agree with is that Amanda Seyfried looks like a little girl in this and Jennifer Lopez's curves work so much better for this look. Much more womanly.

Now for the less gorgeous dresses. This is Zoe Saldana from Avatar who is absolutely stunning...just not in this. I love kooky, mad stuff but this is just a bit too much kooky with not quite enough of a good fit. I love the sparkly bust on this but the purple skirt looks like it doesn't fit and is extremely unflattering, it also looks a little cheap, especially in comparison to all the amazing fabrics on the red carpet last night. Now onto the poofy end, I love the idea of this but I just don't think it was executed well, its all the slits it in and the long bit up one side that makes it look, well, weird. I think if the sparkly bust had come down to her hips and then the skirt was all that poofy material it could have been pretty awesome, in the same vein and a bit of a play on this Penelope Cruz dress that I loved.

There were some other disasters and some more amazingness last night. Kate Winslet was pretty boring and reminded me of Sixth Form leavers ball dress which is a pity. Helen Mirren looked amazing - not just for a woman her age but in general, Oscars glam to a T. I loved Maggie Gyllenhaal's look, though some people thought the pattern was a bit too much, I still think it's amazing and if it was knee length I would buy it today. Miley Cyrus did a great attempt it just needed a better fit and for her to stand up straight for it too work. Last but not least Sarah Jessica Parker let me down and looked like a very shiny and sparkly sack (I have to say I like the sparkly bit of anything, even a sack).

One last note, Asos have done a clever Oscar's page, splitting some of the looks up to soft and strong styles and pointing you towards their similar styles. It's fun!! If a little too tempting!

Project 365 - Day 26 (08/03/2010)

Day 26: Again, I'm not doing much today except work so another comfy outfit. I have to say once I finish uni and (hopefully) get a job, I think my outfits will be much more interesting!

Fluffy leopard print socks, New Look comfy jeans, pinky-purpley top from Topshop and a pink cardigan from H&M.

This cardigan is so very comfy - as are many of my clothes. I bought it about 2 years ago and after I did my friends pointed out it is covered in the initials "DB" which everyone thinks means David Beckham - not my style at all. However it has also got hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades all over it so I like to prefer that the DB has something to do with playing cards...

Either way it's bright pink, got pockets and is comfy so its a fave.

Much love

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Day 25 - Project 365 (07/03/10)

Day 25: It feels like i only started this little project a few days ago and I'm already on day 25! Madness!

Anyway, clothes:
  • New Look (of course) slippers
  • Leggings
  • Orange Topshop dress that I love, about 3 years old but still wear it regularly, who said redheads shouldn't wear orange...?
  • Mum's Wallis cardigan that she gave to me :)
Also today and yesterday have had on blue sparkly nail varnish. It's so much fun - I look about 5, well my hands do anyway!

Much love

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Project 365 - Day 24 (06/03/10)

Day 24: First up, a big Happy Birthday to my Dad, again I hate not being home for birthday's especially when there are such awesome presents.

I still feel asleep today so my clothes are the closest I get to PJs while still being some what respectable. Leopard print fluffy socks (present from Ani - thanks!), jogging bottoms from some sports shop and pale pink top from New Look.

I'm gonna try and wake up now by eating leftovers now.

Much love

Friday, 5 March 2010

Project 365 - Day 23 (05/03/10)

Day 23: I'm just staying in the flat today so wearing a comfy outfit (yet again). This dress is awesome, my Mum got it for me when her and my Dad came up to visit me last year, it was from a shop that was closing down and selling everything for £5 so a bargain.

Over Christmas I was going to cut it up so it would be just below the knee as I thought it was really unflattering but I actually don't think its that bad and in the summer it will be brilliant with a pair of flip flops.

The only thing I get annoyed about is the top of it, this style really doesn't suit me or fit me very well so I always have to wear a vest top underneath which is a pain but ah well, its pretty enough to put up with.

Well I'm off to do some work.

Much love

Thursday, 4 March 2010

PJ party!

As some of you may know I love to wear PJs pretty much more than anything else. My friends are very similar so we decided to have a night in last night in our PJs. This was possibly THE most comfortable night ever! I decided to show you a few pictures of what we were wearing.

I have to say a big WELL DONE to Sophie (in the light blue pyjama bottoms & grey hoody) as she walked through town at 6.30pm in her PJs to come to ours. I am extremely impressed she was so dedicated, if a little embarrassed.

Also this is my first blog post with more than just myself and I love being able to show you my brilliant friends and their great PJ style!

I think we all sum up complete comfort and I especially love how we are all in our very comfortable slippers as well. Nothing else to say except when can we have our next PJ party??


...I still don't see why Tesco wouldn't let us in.... ;)

Project 365 - Day 22 (04/03/10)

Day 22: Strange outfit today, very much one of those "shove on whatever's around" days.

Black leggings (of course), orange stripey socks, flowery skirt from New Look, green New Look vest top and this cardigan, which is my ONLY designer piece in my wardrobe. It's from Versace and is very treasured.

I was, and still am, completely obsessed with Versace so for my 16th birthday my parents took me to Bicester Village which has a Versace outlet which is all much cheaper, out of season stuff. Think this was still near £40-£50 but I love it to this day, its so soft and snuggly and warm. It also makes me feel really special, I think Versace were the reason I got into fashion so its my little tribute to them until I can afford to buy some will probably still have to be from Bicester though!

By the way sorry for the late upload today, my computer was a bit crazy today.

Much love

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Project 365 - Day 21 (03/03/10)

Day 21: Sorry its late today, had a busy day with errands and lectures, better late than never though.

An interesting outfit today, grey socks, leggings, shorts I made the other night, green long sleeved top and a really cool yellow top.

This top was a present from my Mum when my parents went to France last summer. It's really nice and of course so very colourful and patterned. It had an elasticated end but I tried it on today and felt like it looked really strange so I cut the elastic out to make it more flowy and floaty which I really like. It feels so very summery :) It's got big pockets on as well which I love on clothes.

Tonight I'm having a PJ night with friends so I'm gonna try and get some pics of comfy, slouchy PJs for a post tomorrow. Comfy PJs are the best :)

Much love

Tuesday, 2 March 2010


I found this today and I love it!! Its from Republic and only £26.99, so quite a bargain.

I have a few issues (as always):
  1. I am very short and maxi dresses often swamp me
  2. It is so very summery and although it is warmer than it has been, I still probably won't be able to wear it for months.
  3. I think I only love it because its colourful and has a flowery pattern, which we all know I love very much.
I also have counter arguments for all of these arguments and if I could justify it we all know I would definitely buy this but I am more practical than that - when I choose to be anyway!

If it was July I don't think I would have stopped to think about buying it, so I suppose it proves I don't care about the issues I raised, its definitely LOVE.

I have a problem...

If you ask my family they will say I have an obsession with shoes and bags but after organising my shelves I realised that my real obsession appears to be nail varnish's. I have 21 here and I know at least one is missing (a bright yellow!) and probably back at home so I have 22 - one for each year of my life it appears. A little excessive I feel, especially when there are some very similar, if not the same, colours repeated at least twice.

I am going to say this is not all my fault as 12 of these are gifts from friends and my boyfriend but that still leaves 10 that I have bought and I still want more, I love them.

I have got to the stage that if I'm not wearing nail varnish I feel at a loss, especially on a night out. I'm not all about brands though, I do think Nails Inc are the best brand I have but as I change my nail varnish every few days it doesn't mean much to me if they chip after a day or two. Though I will warn you, with the Collection 2000 ones, if you do not put an undercoat on then they will stain your nails yellow, no matter colour the varnish is. Very strange. But the colours are still nice.

I think I just have an obsession with everything to be completely honest... I just love clothes, accessories, make up, everything. It's just so much fun!