Thursday, 18 March 2010

Project 365 - Day 36 (18/03/10)

Day 36: I've had one of those days where whatever you wear is annoying or ugly or uncomfortable. It took me ages to get ready, very annoying. Due to this I am wearing what I plan to walk out the door in, which I do not usually do when I have hours before I have to leave.

Brown Faith boots, leggings, shorts I made, top (which I have worn as a dress) that I made, New Look fake leather jacket, gorgeous earrings from my lovely friend Flick and an orange H&M flower in my hair. I love the earrings so gave you a close up.

I hope the weather stays warm, otherwise I'll have to alter my outfit when I go to my lecture.

Oh icey blue nail varnish today.

Much love

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