Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Project 365 - Day 201 (31/08/10)

Day 201: Another day in comfort as I haven't ventured far from the sofa. Feeling rough but hoping a good sleep will mend me!

Zebra trousers again, purple vest top and cardi.

Much love

Monday, 30 August 2010

Project 365 - Day 200 (30/08/10)

Day 200: Such a pity I look so shocking for my 200th day doing this. I went for comfort as I'm not very well. Zebra trousers, t-shirty dress thingy and my beloved new cardi. I do however like my hair like this. A bit Dannii Minogue from last years X-Factor, well I like to think so anyway....

Much love

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Project 365 - Day 199 (29/08/10)

Day 199: I have been in my PJs since I came home. So so so comfy

Much love

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Project 365 - Day 198 (28/08/10)

Day 198: Jeans, black top and cardigan. Accessorised with my new (but old) favourite gold heart necklace.

Much love

Friday, 27 August 2010

Project 365 - Day 197 (27/08/10)

Day 197: Went out with some awesome friends including one who let me raid her wardrobe. Luckily as I borrowed this gorgeous dress (I really wanna steal it but she won't let me!!). It's so cute, I love the pattern and the style and the shape. I want I want I want. I also borrowed 3 little flowers for my hair a pair of red stone studs for my ears. I wore my own leggings, cardi, heart necklace and orange sandals (not pictured).
Much love

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Project 365 - Day 196 (26/08/10)

Day 196: Oh my goodnesss. I look like the walking dead in this picture. My hair and make-up are a total mess. I do apologise.

Anyway, I'm wearing skinny jeans, red vest top and (new) cardigan all from Primark. This is with an old George at ASDA gold heart necklace. I think my outfit cost in total £18 - not too shabby eh.

Much love

Two-tone hair

It appears that this trend is not very popular but I really am loving it. This is a very hippy, grown out roots look which I really can relate to. It's relaxed and casual. I do think that Drew Barrymore has really rocked this look the best but I do love Ashlee Simpson and Rachel Bilson's look as well.

I think I may like this look as I am partially (accidently) rocking it myself at the moment due to real grown out roots. But I would definitely get it done properly. It's so different. I'm really not sure why it is hated so much but it really is. I have yet to find anyone say they love it like I do.

So what do you think? Love it or hate it?

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Project 365 - Day 195 (25/08/10)

Day 195: I wore a terribly boring outfit today so instead I thought I would show you my new hair cut. I love it. Much shorter (and lighter) and a bit funkier. More style.
Much love

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Project 365 - Day 194 (24/08/10)

Day 194: At my lovely friend Nadine's house (its beautiful!) and getting ready to get out. Very casual tonight so wearing my orange jelly shoes (River Island), leggings, shorts I made, dress worn as a top (Next) and Mum's cardigan. Wore a Peacock's bag a H&M earrings for a it more colour as we all know I love it.

Much love

Monday, 23 August 2010

Project 365 - Day 193 (23/08/10)

Day 193: This really does show my love of Top Model as Britain's Next Top Model is paused behind me. Not deliberate I promise, I would've worn something other than my PJs if it was!

Much love

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Project 365 - Day 192 (22/08/10)

Day 192: Had a loverly day in London town with my beautiful niece and my big bro. Thought I would make a bit of an effort for the capital: skinny jeans and my new tops from Primark. I do think I look very nice but I find it hilarious that I'm decked out in Primark, my total clothing costing £19. Not too shabby.

Much love

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Project 365 - Day 191 (21/08/10)

Day 191: Leggings, Oasis top/dress thing (or as my niece calls it 'dressy top') and H&M pink cardi.

Chillaxed today

Much love

Friday, 20 August 2010

Project 365 - Day 190 (20/08/10)

Day 190: Went for a lovely walk this evening. Wore comfy clothes of course. Multi-coloured plimsoles, River Island trousers (haven't worn them in a while) and baggy H&M jumper.

Much love

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Project 365 - Day 189 (19/08/10)

Day 198: Skin tight Primark jeans and slouchy top/dress from Oasis. I am really starting to love the tight jeans/leggings and baggy top/dress. So comfy and I think it looks quite pretty, relaxed yet not PJs!

Much love

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Project 365 - Day 188 (18/08/10)

Day 188: You do not understand how proud I am to not have spent today in PJs, it was definitely a PJ day.

In compensation I went again for complete comfort. Leggings, leopard print dress and brown cardi.

Much love

Next Top Model

I have a SERIOUS addiction to the "Top Model" series, at the moment I have access to watching America's, Australia's, Canada's and Britain's shows. I have to say the original has Tyra's fierceness which cannot be beaten but the others do quite well at replicating some of the best bits.

The photoshoots are always the most fascinating bit to me and some of the concepts really are unique but still realistic in the fashion world. One of my favourite concepts was the first photoshoot of the 13th season of the American show. They were given photos of themselves as children and had to recreate them with modern clothing and props and convey a high fashion look. These were some of my favourites from this shoot. The girls did really well at creating strong looks and the images are very striking for first time models.

Sometimes they do some really obscure shoots such as these from a shoot from series 5 of Britain's Next Top Model. Everything here is so over the top, from the styling and make up and the posing and setting. I love these extreme shots that can really go a bit over the top and still look like fashion.

Australia's Next Top Model prides itself on its more realistic tasks and photoshoots. It also appears to be a little stricter on the contestants, particularly regarding their body size and fashion sense, which I sometimes find a little difficult as it doesn't seem helpful. However, it does prepare them for the modelling world more than some of the other countries. I may not agree with how the modelling world works but if someone is going to choose to enter it they need to understand it.

The Canadian version has the help of Mr Jay (Creative director for the photoshoots on the American show) as the host so he brings a certain fierceness reminiscent of Tyra. The Canadian show is, in my opinion, closest to the original Tyra format and has a similar feel.

The American show is still my favourite; they do the craziest photoshoots, have the best rewards and some amazing styling. My dream job would be to have Mr Jay's jobs on the shoots, especially on crazy ones like this one:

This shoot was inspired by a performance art show where clear plastic is hung from the ceiling with water on top, the artists (or in this case models) get in the water and create movement and beauty with their body. They are viewed (and photographed) from below. I think it creates some real beauty and would be so interesting to be involved in. These girls really created a truly artistic shot (with the help of good direction and photography of course).

I have to say that since watching these shows I have developed a lot respect for fashion photographers and understand more about what they do to create a strong image.

I know these shows aren't the most realistic shows and are a little bit trashy in some people's view but I really think it gives a knowledge of the fashion world for beginners and shows how interesting it can be. It is not just about putting on a pretty dress and standing in front of a camera. There are so many important elements to help make an amazing shot or indeed runway show.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Project 365 - Day 187 (17/08/10)

Day 187: Complete slob today in baggy jeans & black vest top. Comfy.

Much love

Monday, 16 August 2010

Project 365 - Day 186 (16/08/10)

Day 186: I really do like to re-use. Not sure if this dress has made it onto my blog yet but I bought it 3 years ago and lived in it for a year, have been a little more sparingly with it since. It's from Topshop and I spotted it in green but when I went to get it they only had it in this orange. I am happy with it though. I love the vibe of this dress, so sixties and simple but the overlay is mesh/net type material which is a bit different and modern.

I paired this dress with leggings and my Mum's white cardi for simplicity and to make the colour pop.

Much love

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Project 365 - Day 185 (15/08/10)

Day 185: I am REALLY impressed with Primark. These are my first pair of uber skinny jeans (bought yesterday on my big shopping trip) and they fit like a glove. They were only £8 and having worn them all day (and played lots of games with nieces and nephews) they have not stretched even slightly which I think is very impressive. I wonder how they'll last after a wash but so far I love them. Don't think I've worn such well fitting jeans, didn't expect that from Primark.

The tops are also from Primark and I wore them yesterday (far too lovely to wait to wear again) and the cardigan is my Mums from Littlewoods I think.

I am loving this look on me at the moment. So girly yet wearable. Think I may invest in the top in a few other colours as I love it so much and for £9 each (plus £2 for the vest underneath) you can't complain.

Ah I'm addicted to Primark and their amazingly cheap clothing.

Much love

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Project 365 - Day 184 (14/08/10)

Day 184: Went on a shopping spree today. Good ol' Primark eh!

Black pumps, blue jeggings (new from Primark), pink vest top & dotty smock type type (again new Primark) and blazer from New Look (old and much loved).

I would say this outfit isn't particularly flattering but I love it too too much. This is the first pair of skin tight jeans that I've had I am love them quite a lot. I also love the colour, its different and fun - just how I love clothes to be. Colour, print and something a bit different is all amazing to me.

I bought some other bits from Primark today which you will DEFINITELY see over the next few days.

Much love

Friday, 13 August 2010

Project 365 - Day 183 (13/08/10)

Day 183: I don't feel like Friday the 13th has been unlucky for me...though there is still half an hour left!

Wore baggy jeans, blue H&Mvest and pink H&M hoody for any doom that may have occured!

Much love

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Project 365 - Day 182 (12/08/10)

Day 182: Went to le pub with friends tonight for the first time in AGES. Had a clothing crisis!!

Wore leggings, ddenim shorts, black vest top and pink H&M cardi thing.

Much love

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Project 365 - Day 181 (11/08/10)

Day 181: I really have to sort myself out with these pictures, you really don't get a good enough picture of the outfit.

Wearing black jeans, a dress from Primark worn as a top (I wore it as a dress here) and my beloved flowery blazer.

Much love

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Project 365 - Day 180 (10/08/10)

Day 180: I promise you I am not as moody as I look in this picture. BAD pose.

This outfit is what I pretty much lived in during my year out before I went to uni. It is leggings (of course), a stripy Miss Selfridge dress (which I always wore on nights out) and a cardi from New Look (now very mishapen and hole-y).

I literally felt like my 19 year old former self getting back into this. It was very strange but comforting!!

Much love

Desigual: I love you!

So I wrote the other week about a new bag I got from my mum from this amazing brand Desigual and I thought I should do a proper write up about them as I am totally infatuated by them.

The company is from Barcelona and its philosophy is based around things such as positivity and fun which I think are THE functions of fashion. Each season has a different title, the latest being "Happy" (which is so lovely!!) and some past ones have been "Magic Stories", "Wow" and "Life Is Cool". All very happy and lovely and fun.

I not only love their philosophy, I also love the look of the clothes, these are all from the latest "Happy" collection and sum up to me, what makes this brand so special and unique.

The coat is a style they use often with various different patterns and fabrics. The patchwork style is very much their symbol and looks very unique. They mix colours and patterns so well that it manages to not look garish and ridiculous. The t-shirt and jeans show a more subtle and easy to war approach to the patchwork, colourful look that encompasses the brand. It shows that this brand is extremely versatile and can stand out or be more simple.

This bag is to die for. So gorgeous and elegant. The shape is unique and again the colours and patchwork are beautiful.

I really think this brand totally sums up my style. I would wear everything (if I could afford it!!) and would feel amazing everyday. I would recommend everyone checking out this brand on Facebook or Twitter as they are good at keeping their followers up to date on new products and marketing.

Monday, 9 August 2010

Project 365 - Day 179 (09/08/10)

Day 179; Thumbs up as I remembered to take a picture of my outfit and not another PJ shot!! Woohoo!

Anyway; leggings and super comfy tshirt dress thing from Oasis that I got in the sale for £15 years ago.

Much love

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Project 365 - Day 178 (08/10/2010)

Day 178: Woops, forgot to take a pic of my outfit so again another pj shot. Terribly sorry. Will remember tomorrow I promise!

Much love

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Project 365 - Day 177 (07/08/10)

Day 177: Very fun (and long) day looking at wedding dresses for my sis. Am shattered now though so got very quickly changed into my PJs. Luckily you're not missing much as I wore basically the same outfit as yesterday, except I wore shorts and the top was purple.

Much love

Friday, 6 August 2010

Project 365 - Day 176 (06/08/10)

Day 176: Ahhhh comfy and I actually really like this. Leggings, red new vest top (worn as a dress type thing) and H&M new shirt. I like it all a lot.

Much love

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Project 365 - Day 175 (05/08/10)

Day 175: Jeans, new Primark vest top, H&M cardi and a cute necklace my mum found in the house!

Much love

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Project 365 - Day 174 (04/08/10)

Day 174: I am SO sleepy I am about to go to bed! Wore closest thing I have to PJs that are still clothes: green harem trousers & grey jumper both from H&M and both very baggy and comfy.

Night night

Much love

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Project 365 - Day 173 (03/08/10)

Day 173: Went to Leeds Castle today, forget how beautiful it is when you live so close.

Thought the dress I made was the only appropriate thing to wear at such a beautiful place.

Much love

Monday, 2 August 2010

Project 365 - Day 172 (02/08/10)

Project 172: Oh I'm dressed up!! Went for a curry for my boyfriends birthday (Happy birthday!!)! I look terribly burnt, don't think I look as red in reality.

Black pumps, leggings, Next dress, New Look blazer and bag and H&M earrings.

Couldn't go all black could I? So had to make a bit of a colour splash with the blazer.

Much love

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Bag bag bag bag bag bag bag bag

Ok so from the title you may have realised that I have a new bag. My mum bought it for me today because she is lovely! It is from a brand called Desigual which is a recent discovery for me. I absolutely love love love them. They epitomise my attitude towards fashion as they are all about colour, fun, originality and positivity. This is when I feel it really is worth spending a bit of extra money on fashion as it really is well made, unique and beautiful

The bag I got is absolutely gorgeous, lots of patchwork (a key part of their look) and just so different. Lots of colours and just plain fun as well.

I particularly love the slogans they put on their items, this one for example has "Life is fantastic" and "Is not the same" written on some bangles on the handle, which is just so lovely and positive. My niece also got a dress today which says "Together? All together" which again is just lovely I think.

I also find the little touches really nice, on this bag are some beads sewn on the front which just add a little something extra.

All in all I could not love this bag more. Well done Mum!

Project 365 - Day 171 (01/08/10)

Day 171: Was getting creative today so wearing a comfy outfit. Flip flops (Sainsbury's), leggings (Wallis), heart dress (New Look) and brown cardi (H&M).

Just about to do another post now so keep an eye out...

Much love