Sunday, 1 August 2010

Bag bag bag bag bag bag bag bag

Ok so from the title you may have realised that I have a new bag. My mum bought it for me today because she is lovely! It is from a brand called Desigual which is a recent discovery for me. I absolutely love love love them. They epitomise my attitude towards fashion as they are all about colour, fun, originality and positivity. This is when I feel it really is worth spending a bit of extra money on fashion as it really is well made, unique and beautiful

The bag I got is absolutely gorgeous, lots of patchwork (a key part of their look) and just so different. Lots of colours and just plain fun as well.

I particularly love the slogans they put on their items, this one for example has "Life is fantastic" and "Is not the same" written on some bangles on the handle, which is just so lovely and positive. My niece also got a dress today which says "Together? All together" which again is just lovely I think.

I also find the little touches really nice, on this bag are some beads sewn on the front which just add a little something extra.

All in all I could not love this bag more. Well done Mum!

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