Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Blue nails not blue shoes...

I wanted to try a five finger nail art manicure, where I created a different look on every finger. 

I used a base coat of Baker Street by Nails Inc on all of my nails. 

Thumb: I used Floral Street by Nails Inc and a nail art brush to create a gradient of spots that started very dense on the top right of the nail and faded in the bottom left of the nail.

Index finger: Using Princes Street by Nails Inc and the nail art brush again I did two stripes to the left of centre of the nail.

Middle finger: I used nail glitters in a similar shade to Baker Street all over the nail. 

Ring finger: I filled in half the nail on a diagonal using Royal Mews by Nails Inc (which appears to not be available anymore)

Little finger: Again, I covered the nail in glitter but this time in a lighter shade to the middle finger.


What do you think? I love the variety and how they all fit in the same theme.

My right hand was worse, as is always the way, but I did the same 5 designs but changed which finger they were on. 

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Still obsessed by nail art

So I may have been a bit quiet recently but my obsession for nail art continues. Here are some highlights.

Glitter I got some nail glitter for Christmas and have used it for both full set of nails and ring finger accent. I prefer the ring finger accent.

Ring finger nail art Using the Models Own nail art pen I created some ring finger accents. With all 3 designs and used a different colour on the ring finger as well as using nail art.

The first is a tribal design using a grey on 4 of my fingers and white with a black design on the ring finger. 

The second is 2 shades of blue with black stripes and spots. Simple but effective. 

The third is my favourite and really simple. A grey on the 4 fingers and a gorgeous Nails Inc silver on the ring finger with a simple heart in the corner.

Marbled nails These were my marbled nails for Easter. I love the colours.

Shattered nails I shattered four of my fingers over a red shade and on the ring finger I just used a black varnish.

Nail stickers These were super cheap in Superdrug, can't remember the brand. I like them but I don't love them, they didn't look great close up and came off quite quickly. Good fun though.


Just a quick bit of Versace love

The Versace Couture show was AMAZING and summed up everything I love about the brand: colour, drama and sex appeal.

Check out some of my faves below.

God Bless Versace!