Thursday, 29 December 2011

How to: 6 rings in 6 minutes

After making my first button ring a while back I've wanted to make a lot more and this morning I did. Here is the result:


I made these in a matter of minutes, so simple and great results.

First you need the ring bases, I bought 20 from eBay for less than £3. Then you need some things to put on top. I had 2 rings, a pink one and a leopard print one, 2 matching blue plastic beads, a bead/button that fell off my Desigual bag and I made a bow from some green ribbon.

All you need to do is superglue the tops to the bases. That is it. Simples. I made sure that the 2 blue beads were glued on in different directions so I had 2 completely different rings. The most expensive ring I here is less than £3.50, not too shabby I don't think!





Which is your favourite? I'm currently rocking the ribbon as it matches my green jumper. I love matchy matchiness!


Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Another blog post about Marilyn Monroe

Yes yes yes, there is lots out there about Marilyn Monroe's style but I'm going to add to it. For Christmas I received the book Dressing Marilyn, it's brilliant and I urge anyone who has the slightest interest in what Mailyn Monroe wore, to buy it.

Anyone, Marilyn Monroe has always been a style icon to me and here are some of her most iconic looks, which are also my favourite!


My favourite thing about Marilyn Monroe's style is how it definied an era like no-one.


I went shopping yesterday, it was absolutely mental but I got some great bits. I wore all new clothes today and I thought I'd share them with you.

The jeans and top/dress are from Primark and are £9 and £10 respectively, not in the sale but still a bargain I think.

The shoes, blazer and necklace were all in the New Look sale. The shoes are a mustard colour suede pair of heels and were only £7 (I also got them in a burnt orange colour), the burnt orange blazer was £12 and the necklace was £1.50. 

I've lost a bit of weight recently so pretty much none of my clothes fit me properly so it was nice to finally get some clothes that fit me! The whole outfit was a bargain of only £39.50.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Festive nails

I decided to create some festive with red & green nail varnish & some gold Barry M nail effects.

On my left hand I've painted all bar my ring finger green & my ring finger is red with the gold nail effects.

On my right hand I did the opposite

What do you think? Which is your fave?

Monday, 12 December 2011

New Hair!

So two weeks ago I was asking for new hair colour suggestion and on Saturday my very talented sister helped me out and sent me cherry red!


It's very bright and I very much love it. 

My boyfriend is a budding photographer who used the transformation to take some snaps and he got some great ones. It looked a bit violent, especially the hair dye washing out in the bath, but there was no blood involved! He also did a series of pictures where I flicked my hair back, I am a terrible model so though he was good, I looked shocking in all of them so I have included the only one where I'm not pulling a silly face.

What do you think? Liking the red?

Sunday, 4 December 2011

DIY: Button ring

A few weeks ago I realised that most of the rings I lusted after were ridiculously expensive and I was sure I could do something cheaper. I bulk bought some ring bases from eBay and looked for inspiration. First up button rings. If you have a ring base, these are the easiest things to make, all you have to do is superglue buttons to the ring base. No joke, a 30 second job. 

I'm going to raid charity shops for some cheap buttons for some more exciting buttons but check out my first attempt:


Not too bad I don't think. I'll be playing with more designs, also going to buy some cheap stud earrings for the same effect so I'll keep you updated!

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Katy Perry: The Pink Princess

I've been a huge fan of Katy Perry's gimmicky style but it is really growing on me in recent months. She really doesn't care and will whatever and I love it. As well as the recent pink hair (which I love), the singer has also adopted the colour as a style staple for head to toe... And I love it!

Here are some of her best pink looks:

First up an "off-duty" look with this gorgeous Giambattista Valli cape dress which matched her hair and did all the talking for her.

Next up is what I would call a signature Katy Perry look. A very quirky and retro Jeremy Scott pastel dress for the EMAs 2011. Only Katy Perry would do this.

One of my favourite Katy Perry looks came from her red carpet appearance at the American Music Awards 2011. The Vivienne Westwood dress is stunning but what really sets it off is the accessories. An amazing headpiece which you can see properly on the Red Carpet Fashion Awards site and amazing blue Jimmy Choos make this look a stand out.

The American Music Awards also allowed the singer to show off this beautiful, elegant gown. Proving the pink hair works as more than just a gimmick. I love the matching pink guitar.
And this week Mrs Brand topped it off at the Grammy Nominations Concert in a lovely lace Dolce and Gabanna dress which is the most understated and glamorous I think she's ever looked. Simple and beautiful but still PINK!


Friday, 2 December 2011

Orange to blonde to....


I would change my hair more often than I have hot dinners if I could and since my sister started training to be a hairdresser I've taken full advantage and be changing it up more often than usual.

First I went ginger...

303966_10150292385508540_506933539_7698794_1882924_n up was blonde....

Sam_1262 onto something different. I'm thinking a bright red in the style of Rihanna...


Or perhaps a bit more subtle like Cheryl Cole's brief change...

What do you think?

Either way I'm leaving the blonde behind for winter and going warmer for the colder months!

Thursday, 1 December 2011

My Versace for H&M dresses

I love Versace more than any other brand and I like to talk about their clothes. Of course I was ridiculously excited about their collaboration with H&M but even I was not willing to queue up overnight and get into territory wars with strangers to buy some a few dresses. 

Instead I tried my luck online and after numerous page refreshes and many hours I managed to get through and buy a dress, I checked back a few days later and they still had some bits available so I bought a second dress. 

Luckily my parents are paying for one and it is being wrapped up and placed under the christmas tree so I haven't had to fork out a small fortune in one go. 

Obviously once I tried these dresses on I realised I had no accessories that matched (well that's what I'm telling myself) so I think I'll need to go shopping and buy a pair of gorgeous shoe boots and perhaps and gold clutch. 

I love shopping...