Thursday, 29 December 2011

How to: 6 rings in 6 minutes

After making my first button ring a while back I've wanted to make a lot more and this morning I did. Here is the result:


I made these in a matter of minutes, so simple and great results.

First you need the ring bases, I bought 20 from eBay for less than £3. Then you need some things to put on top. I had 2 rings, a pink one and a leopard print one, 2 matching blue plastic beads, a bead/button that fell off my Desigual bag and I made a bow from some green ribbon.

All you need to do is superglue the tops to the bases. That is it. Simples. I made sure that the 2 blue beads were glued on in different directions so I had 2 completely different rings. The most expensive ring I here is less than £3.50, not too shabby I don't think!





Which is your favourite? I'm currently rocking the ribbon as it matches my green jumper. I love matchy matchiness!


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