Thursday, 1 December 2011

My Versace for H&M dresses

I love Versace more than any other brand and I like to talk about their clothes. Of course I was ridiculously excited about their collaboration with H&M but even I was not willing to queue up overnight and get into territory wars with strangers to buy some a few dresses. 

Instead I tried my luck online and after numerous page refreshes and many hours I managed to get through and buy a dress, I checked back a few days later and they still had some bits available so I bought a second dress. 

Luckily my parents are paying for one and it is being wrapped up and placed under the christmas tree so I haven't had to fork out a small fortune in one go. 

Obviously once I tried these dresses on I realised I had no accessories that matched (well that's what I'm telling myself) so I think I'll need to go shopping and buy a pair of gorgeous shoe boots and perhaps and gold clutch. 

I love shopping...

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