Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Desigual: I love you!

So I wrote the other week about a new bag I got from my mum from this amazing brand Desigual and I thought I should do a proper write up about them as I am totally infatuated by them.

The company is from Barcelona and its philosophy is based around things such as positivity and fun which I think are THE functions of fashion. Each season has a different title, the latest being "Happy" (which is so lovely!!) and some past ones have been "Magic Stories", "Wow" and "Life Is Cool". All very happy and lovely and fun.

I not only love their philosophy, I also love the look of the clothes, these are all from the latest "Happy" collection and sum up to me, what makes this brand so special and unique.

The coat is a style they use often with various different patterns and fabrics. The patchwork style is very much their symbol and looks very unique. They mix colours and patterns so well that it manages to not look garish and ridiculous. The t-shirt and jeans show a more subtle and easy to war approach to the patchwork, colourful look that encompasses the brand. It shows that this brand is extremely versatile and can stand out or be more simple.

This bag is to die for. So gorgeous and elegant. The shape is unique and again the colours and patchwork are beautiful.

I really think this brand totally sums up my style. I would wear everything (if I could afford it!!) and would feel amazing everyday. I would recommend everyone checking out this brand on Facebook or Twitter as they are good at keeping their followers up to date on new products and marketing.

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