Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Next Top Model

I have a SERIOUS addiction to the "Top Model" series, at the moment I have access to watching America's, Australia's, Canada's and Britain's shows. I have to say the original has Tyra's fierceness which cannot be beaten but the others do quite well at replicating some of the best bits.

The photoshoots are always the most fascinating bit to me and some of the concepts really are unique but still realistic in the fashion world. One of my favourite concepts was the first photoshoot of the 13th season of the American show. They were given photos of themselves as children and had to recreate them with modern clothing and props and convey a high fashion look. These were some of my favourites from this shoot. The girls did really well at creating strong looks and the images are very striking for first time models.

Sometimes they do some really obscure shoots such as these from a shoot from series 5 of Britain's Next Top Model. Everything here is so over the top, from the styling and make up and the posing and setting. I love these extreme shots that can really go a bit over the top and still look like fashion.

Australia's Next Top Model prides itself on its more realistic tasks and photoshoots. It also appears to be a little stricter on the contestants, particularly regarding their body size and fashion sense, which I sometimes find a little difficult as it doesn't seem helpful. However, it does prepare them for the modelling world more than some of the other countries. I may not agree with how the modelling world works but if someone is going to choose to enter it they need to understand it.

The Canadian version has the help of Mr Jay (Creative director for the photoshoots on the American show) as the host so he brings a certain fierceness reminiscent of Tyra. The Canadian show is, in my opinion, closest to the original Tyra format and has a similar feel.

The American show is still my favourite; they do the craziest photoshoots, have the best rewards and some amazing styling. My dream job would be to have Mr Jay's jobs on the shoots, especially on crazy ones like this one:

This shoot was inspired by a performance art show where clear plastic is hung from the ceiling with water on top, the artists (or in this case models) get in the water and create movement and beauty with their body. They are viewed (and photographed) from below. I think it creates some real beauty and would be so interesting to be involved in. These girls really created a truly artistic shot (with the help of good direction and photography of course).

I have to say that since watching these shows I have developed a lot respect for fashion photographers and understand more about what they do to create a strong image.

I know these shows aren't the most realistic shows and are a little bit trashy in some people's view but I really think it gives a knowledge of the fashion world for beginners and shows how interesting it can be. It is not just about putting on a pretty dress and standing in front of a camera. There are so many important elements to help make an amazing shot or indeed runway show.

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