Friday, 12 March 2010

My love of Moulin Rouge

I love Moulin Rouge and have always been captivated by the amazing costumes that Nicole Kidman got to wear while filming it. It was all vintage glamour, extravagance and drama in the best possible way. I thought I would talk about my favourite looks (most of them) and tell you why they are SO very amazing and inspiring.

This red dress is so amazing, I love the drama of it and that it also completely ruins the myth that redheads should not wear red. The fit, the length, the neckline and the train with black underlay are all so flattering, absolutely gorgeous and completely glamorous. This is complete drama, particularly because of the colour and the train and it works so well for the film, but I can't help thinking if it was white or ivory and bride would completely lust after it. Back to the original and red lips set this look off completely.

These two looks are both amazing with again a lot of drama. The pink diamond outfit (far right) is so perfect, a can can costume which is completely over the top. The pink feather skirt is just so perfect, not only for the dance routine it is used in but also because it is so extravagant and frivolous it cleverly marks the difference from the beginning and the end of the movie. I also completely love the sparkles!! The gothic tower look completely sums up the drama of that in the movie and so luxurious and extravagant. This necklace is a brilliant piece of jewellery, sums up the meanings for her wearing them but it is so beautiful, I feel in love with the total drama of it from the first time I saw it.

This final piece is the Hindi wedding costume and is the last of Nicole Kidman's costumes. For those who don't know this is a costume from a play that Nicole Kidman's character is in. This dress, but particularly the jewellery and headpiece are so glamorous and dramatic, it could have easily been too costumey but they kept it believable. The dress is very simple with some gorgeous embellishments on the bust and the end of the skirt which add interest, the necklace is a scaled down version of the gothic tower one and definitely provides the sparkle and decadence required while the headpiece seems to have been added for authenticity for being set in India, I still love it - the intricacies and delicateness of it definitely adds an enchanting subtlety to the whole look.

These are just some of the amazing costumes in this film, it was definitely films with such dramatic costumes that really enthused me to learn more about fashion.


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G-andy said...

some truly amazing clothes and a fun and passionate run down of em :)