Thursday, 4 March 2010

PJ party!

As some of you may know I love to wear PJs pretty much more than anything else. My friends are very similar so we decided to have a night in last night in our PJs. This was possibly THE most comfortable night ever! I decided to show you a few pictures of what we were wearing.

I have to say a big WELL DONE to Sophie (in the light blue pyjama bottoms & grey hoody) as she walked through town at 6.30pm in her PJs to come to ours. I am extremely impressed she was so dedicated, if a little embarrassed.

Also this is my first blog post with more than just myself and I love being able to show you my brilliant friends and their great PJ style!

I think we all sum up complete comfort and I especially love how we are all in our very comfortable slippers as well. Nothing else to say except when can we have our next PJ party??


...I still don't see why Tesco wouldn't let us in.... ;)

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Anonymous said...

Hopefully sometime soon!!! PJ dedication haha!!!