Monday, 15 March 2010

Project 365 - Day 33 (15/03/10)

Day 33: I need your help today. These are a pair of culottes....they were £3 from Miss Selfridge. I am totally unsure about them! My mum persuaded me to buy them as they were such a bargain and she thought I would regret not doing so, I agreed with her as I thought I could always turn it into a skirt.

I have not worn it yet as I am still to be convinced...

I like the pattern and it's really comfortable and it has pockets which I LOVE in any item of clothing. I think it would be perfect for the summer without leggings.

However I find it quite unflattering, though that hasn't stopped me wearing something before!! But I just think it would look a lot better on someone a lot slimmer. It is a typically unslimming style but I suppose I can't get away from the fun of it!! It's not a fashion statement, it's just fun!

I also think it looks better with the top over the shorts but in doing so it totally loses its style and whole point to it and I can't use the pockets which is the worst thing!! It also gets a little lumpy under the top due to all the gathering.

So a question, should I keep them as culottes? If so which way shall I wear them? Or should I make it into a skirt?

Much love

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Anonymous said...

I like them as shorts... very hard to find nice girly summer shorts! Looks better with the top over the shorts i think. Would also look cute as a skirt though!