Thursday, 11 March 2010

Project 365 - Day 29 (11/03/10)

Day 29: I feel really 'bleurgh' (technical term obviously) today so decided to cheer myself by giving myself them morning off work and by dressing up nice for my lecture this afternoon.

Wearing my turquoise tights, orange & black skirt (more about that below), Primark t-shirt, New Look cardigan, H&M blue flower (lovely Christmas present) and I'm even wearing make-up today. I haven't had a chance to dress up nice for a few weeks so its nice to do so now.

Now the skirt: this was a Gold by Giles Deacon dress (from New Look a few years ago) and I turned it into a skirt. I love this pattern and colour and everything, its so much fun and I do like that I can now wear it a bit more dressed down than what it was like before.

I feel much happier being dressed up, it looks cold outside though so I'm not looking forward to venturing out.

Wish me luck

Much love

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