Tuesday, 2 March 2010

I have a problem...

If you ask my family they will say I have an obsession with shoes and bags but after organising my shelves I realised that my real obsession appears to be nail varnish's. I have 21 here and I know at least one is missing (a bright yellow!) and probably back at home so I have 22 - one for each year of my life it appears. A little excessive I feel, especially when there are some very similar, if not the same, colours repeated at least twice.

I am going to say this is not all my fault as 12 of these are gifts from friends and my boyfriend but that still leaves 10 that I have bought and I still want more, I love them.

I have got to the stage that if I'm not wearing nail varnish I feel at a loss, especially on a night out. I'm not all about brands though, I do think Nails Inc are the best brand I have but as I change my nail varnish every few days it doesn't mean much to me if they chip after a day or two. Though I will warn you, with the Collection 2000 ones, if you do not put an undercoat on then they will stain your nails yellow, no matter colour the varnish is. Very strange. But the colours are still nice.

I think I just have an obsession with everything to be completely honest... I just love clothes, accessories, make up, everything. It's just so much fun!


Róisín said...

...and you're 5 year old niece 'borrowed' some red nail varnish she found of yours at Grandma's. I should've taken a picture of her. She painted her own toes and nails which she was very proud of, even though she more got on her skin (even her arm) than on her nails!

Keeks said...

Oh so have another one! Lol.

Aw bless her, so cute :) She'll have the hang of it soon & then I can hire her to do my nails! Hehe.