Friday, 19 March 2010

Project 365 - Day 37 (19/03/10)

Day 37: Pure comfort today I'm afraid.

Blue socks (probably covered by slippers soon), leggings, grey Miss Selfridge skirt, New Look t-shirt which has lots of Muppets references over it and a big picture of Animal behind the writing and a Primark man's cardigan. I got this cardigan when all the long cardigans were just coming into fashion and were £30+ which I would never pay, so I got this one for £6 from the men's department of Primark to save some cash, it's very comfortable.

Whenever I wear a lot of grey like this my boyfriend says I look like a squirrel...I'm glad I didn't wear my grey leggings with this as I really would be asking for it.

Much love

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