Thursday, 4 February 2010

Get creative

This is a little representation of my DIY fashion design. I have very basic sewing skills I learnt from my mum at a young age and was reinforced in technology in year 7 at school. I would never be able to design and make a dress or top by myself so I tend to cheat. This is a classic example.

I was desperate for a one shouldered top/dress but I did not want to spend a lot of money on it so I headed down to Tesco to buy a mens large black t-shirt. I grabbed a bottle of bleach and diluted it with water and splattered it all over the t-shirt (in the garden of course!). I forgot that on black it would turn orange but loved it. I cut off the sleeves and pulled in the sides but I felt it lacked something which is when I bought the orange ribbon and sewed it on the sleeve and around the collar. I love this as it looks so different and no-one has anything like it and it makes a real splash. My mum bought me orange, patent trainers to match but they were a size too big, I was gutted - they looked awesome!

I always get compliments when I wear this, especially when I tell people I made it from a £3 mens black t-shirt which is always satisfying.

I think I enjoy learning how to do these things so pick up little tips here and there but a basic sewing course with adult education would give you more skills then I have now. It's fun to make your own things and great that you do not see anyone else with it. Even if you get a a top you like and do the bleach effect using this technique, it will update the look and you'll feel like you have something new in your wardrobe without spending anything.

Enjoy getting creative peeps

Much love

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G-andy said...

I like this outfit! good tips!