Friday, 26 February 2010

Project 365 - Day 16 (26/02/10)

Day 16: Apparantly today was a day of wearing black as it is Johnny Cash's birthday and it was suggested as a way of remembering him, well this is the best I could do I'm afraid Johnny -hope ya don't mind.

My boyfriend took this picture and he's into photography so tried to make it arty. It's a bit different at least.

Anyway onto the clothes - this is a knee-length summer dress from H&M. Of course I love it as its bright and patterned and colourful. With the obligatory pink tights and purple cardigan for yet more colour.

You know when my friends and family say I am very colourful, I did believe them but this blog is really telling me how right they are.

So yet again a very colourful day for me

Much love

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