Saturday, 13 February 2010

Project 365 - Day 3 (13/02/10)

Day 3: These pictures (two today, aren't you lucky?) not only show what I wore but also where I went today...ohhh exciting. Um anyway...!

I went up to London Docklands today to do some research in the museum for my dissertation. It wasn't too cold so wore my trusty New Look (of course) jumper and jeans with Mum's scarf. I love this jumper, it's so soft and warm and has a bit of colour through it so keeps it bright. Teamed with my pink bag and pumps, it almost felt like summer, well not quite but a lot better than yesterday.

Not too exciting today I'm afraid, though this jumper always makes me smiley - hope it makes you smiley as well :)

Much love


Róisín said...

I love this top Keeks, can I have it, pleeeease? Actually, I want a scarf that has this kind of colour on it - fairly conservative but a few colours in it so it's not boring (I usually wear boring clothes!). Any suggestions on where I should look? I don't want a heavy scarf - something I can wear comfortably indoors aswell as out.

Keeks said...

Awww thanks :) Ohhh Primark & Accessorize do some good ones. My green sparkly scarf is a sarong from Primark so thats a good place to look