Saturday, 20 February 2010

Project 365 - Day 10 (20/02/10)

Day 10: Doing food shopping but am pleasantly surprised by the warm weather and lots of sunshine :)

Wearing the brown boots that would have made day 8 a bit too cowboy-esque, leggings, a Primark dress about 4 years old which I still love, red belt, green Primark scarf (which is actually a sarong - good find!) and this is an amazing jacket/cardigan/coat thing!

This jacket/cardigan/coat is from Topshop, I don't often venture in there as its a little overpriced for a poor student like me but I fell in love with this. It has a secret though...its from the maternity section. Can you believe it?? I can understand why but I think its far to comfy and nice to be just maternity so I got it anyway. Well I say 'I' - Mum bought it for me, as I said Topshop + poor student = cannot afford so rely on the kindness of others.

So I encourage you all to look at the maternity section in shops as they have some awesome stuff. I wear this LOTS and LOTS!

Oh and purple nail varnish - not matching anything today!

Much love

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G-andy said...

maternity wear rocks lol