Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Project 365 - Day 14 (24/02/10)

Day 14: First things first, a long Distance HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my big sis :)

I love birthdays, especially in my family so always hate being away!

Today's outfit is an attempt to coax out the spring weather from wherever it is, however I also had to be practical *sad face*.

My top is a summer favourite, from Dorothy Perkins, about 3 years old. Purple cardigan of course, shorts that I made and pink tights. These tights are colourful but are also my thickest pair so I won't freeze once I head out to my lecture.

Hope you all have a colourful day, if enough of us do it then maybe spring will decide to come out!

Much love


Róisín said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes little sis!

When I put on my COLOURFUL purple cardigan today Aidan pointed to it and said "Aunty Keeks". He's so aware of clothes for a 22month old, I swear he'll be a fasion designer when he grows up.

Keeks said...

Oh wow!! This has made my day! I'll train him well don't you worry ;)

Glad you were colourful as well :)