Thursday, 11 February 2010

Project 365 - Day 1 (11/02/10)

Day 1: I did not realise how difficult it was going to be to pick an outfit knowing it was definitely going on the blog and not just going to be seen by my friends at uni. Lots of pressure but I got over it pretty quickly and just put on what I would have anyway.

I have lectures this afternoon but don't have to leave until 2.30pm - ah the life of a student - so I'm not wrapped up for going out just yet, otherwise all you would have seen is a massive coat with my head sticking out the top.

Anyway on to the real issue, what I actually am wearing. I have on the obligatory 2 pairs of thick tights and pair of long socks due to the cold weather. I always try to wear colourful tights as it makes a winter outfit a bit brighter, these are my faves at the moment - a very nice bluey colour. The dress is new, its very cute and has a big cut out heart in the back which is a bit unique and was a bargain from New Look. The purple cardigan is what I live in (again from New Look) and the red belt I think nips in the waist a bit and not only adds yet more colour but breaks up the outfit a little bit. A good tip I think is when you wear something like this, the cardigan over the top skims over you but the belt shows off a smaller waist which overall is very flattering.

To leave for my lecture I will add a thick purple cardigan, scarf, gloves, my DM's and a big warm coat as it is absolutely freezing outside, though no snow which is slightly disappointing as I like making snowmen and have become rather good at it.

Much love

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