Monday, 1 February 2010

Just a quick one

I love Britney Spears...always have, always will but I look at what she wore to the Grammys yesterday and I just wonder what happened! The poor girl wore a body suit with a lace knee-length dress over the top and fishnets - I can see what she was trying to do but it did not work. She looked bigger than she is and extremely uncomfortable, she can do much better than that!!
If the body was just a knee-length dress instead she would have looked classy, on trend and made a splash. Much better.

There, rant over! Britney I love you, back on track soon please :)


Andy G said...

didn't quite work. even though its not "revealling" in the usual sense, there's too much on show and it just looks Vegas tacky!

Róisín said...

From the shoulders up she looks great!