Sunday, 28 February 2010

Window Shopping

I went into town today which was a bit lethal. I haven't been window shopping in quite a while and my boyfriend got a little bored with me getting excited by everything I saw in pretty much every shop.

Now, I have to say things have not changed and I would recommend everything from New Look, soft pastels - or sorbet pastels - are all over the place and everything is such a bargain in there.

I did detour though when I saw this dress in the window of Monsoon. I love that shop but it is too expensive for a poor student like me. This dress caught my eye though, I not only think the colour is amazing but the pattern is very retro and really interesting without being OTT. I think its a dress that anyone can wear and a way to experiment with colour and pattern without feeling like you look like an explosion (like I usually do!!).

If I bought it I'd team it with a pair of bright pink heels (I found these on another blog) and clutch bag. I know the blue and pink seems extreme but they work well together. Yes as always its very colourful because its me but you could keep it a bit more tame with silver instead of pink.

So if anyone would like to spend £95 on me, this dress is where I would like it to go.

Thank you :)

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