Thursday, 14 July 2011

Want! Want! Want!

OK, my big sister is a bit of a legend. For many reasons obviously but in particular to introducing me to the amazing Vivien of Holloway. I am very much late to the game with this awesome shop but I shall certainly be staying in the game...yeh that didn't really work but we'll move on.

There are a couple of things that make me absolutely love this shop:

  1. The clothes...duh. Well more specifically the 50s dresses, I love everything else too but I have such a love for this style that I am very pleased someone has dedicated so much to it. Last year I had my University Summer Ball and I was desperate to wear a dress like this, I couldn't find anything in the shops so me and my mum made one. Now I love what I made and I am so proud of it but not being a professional dressmaker means it's pretty tough to do yourself, even finding the right fabric was difficult. I think you'll agree well made dresses like this in such a variey of fabrics is a big win. 
  2. The idea. I think you'll agree that reading about the shop is pretty great, there is real comfort in buying something that is made and sold by people who love the clothes and love what they are doing. It's special, it's unique and it's nice to support someone with passion and talent.

I'm saving my pennies to have a big blow out in their shop hopefully next month. The only problem is I can't decide between the polkadot, print or plain for my first dress, let alone the colour! Then there's petticoat's, bolero's, belts...

Any suggestions?



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