Thursday, 21 July 2011

How To: Nailease

Yep, I'm afraid it's another nail post. I do love updating my nails and I've been meaning to do this post for ages so here it finally is.

First up, check out these nails... how awesome are they??

Well this is another one of my little tricks, no need to be a nail artist, you just need a cheat and this one is Nailease

These are super quick and easy, the step by step really is as easy as it says on the website:


  1. Select the size that fits your nail and pull away gently from the full strip
  2. Gently remove clear film from top of nail sticker then gently remove clear from bottom of nail sticker holding the silver strip
  3. Hold nail sticker by the silver strip and place the rounded side at nail base sticky side down.Note: you can gently pull off and reposition without damaging the strip
  4. Firmly smooth the nail surface until wrinkle free. Note: you can gently stretch vertically and horizontally for a wrinkle free surface
  5. Fold the excess of the nail strip under the nail. Then gently file off the excess in a downward motion.

That really is it, in fact it is even easier that it seems. I love these and I will be stocking up as soon as their new collection is out I will be taking advantage of the free delivery when you buy 3 pack.


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