Sunday, 17 July 2011

Barry M Touch of Magic Lip Paint

Would anyone use a green lipstick? Of course not. Well look at but the amazing Barry M Touch of Magic Lip Paint.


Green, very green. Scarily green. But check out what it looks like when you put it on.


Pink, lovely pink. This thing is brilliant, everybody has a different colour as it reacts differently to your lips. Not only that, it last AGES! At the point of this picture I had been drinking lots of lovely Prosecco and eating a mountain of food (lots of lick lipping) and it was still very much on. A good wash gets it off but not much else, and smudging is pretty non-existent. Not only that but it feels like Vaseline, so soft on your lips, it doesn't dry them out.

If that all doesn't persuade you maybe the nifty price tag of only £4.49 will!

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