Thursday, 14 July 2011

New skin please!

I'm not one for blogging about random personal rubbish but I've been having a particularly bad batch of psoriasis recently (most likely brought on by my recent strep throat tonsillitis) and I wanted to offer any tips I had and ask for any from you.

This particular batch is covering my arms, face, legs, upper back and scalp at the moment and is the worst I've ever had it, I wake up with more and more everyday. I try to not let it affect me, I don't wear make up unless going out for an occasion, I try not to cover up unnecessarily and I try not to care about the itching. But I have to say it gets to me sometimes and below are a few of the things that help me cope.

I've always been blessed with my pale skin and lovely freckles, very few spots or general difficulties. However, a few months ago I started getting random red blotches on my face so I bought my first ever foundation - a daunting prospect for a 23 year old. I'm pleased I did this as I currently have lovely red itchy dots all over my lovely face and although my freckles can cover most of the damage, foundation really is a little necessary when I am wanting to make an effort. Luckily my friend helped me get over my foundation fear and recommended The Body Shop's moisture foundation. A great foundation, the pale is pale enough even for me and not only does it not irritate the dry patches, it also doesn't dry my skin out, it is definitely moisturising.


My must have since I first got psoriasis a few years ago is Aqueous cream. The stuff feels horrible but I'm telling you it is definitely worth it, I find it makes me a lot less itchy most of the time, plus it's usually less than £2 for a massive tub which lasts ages! A definite winner!

I'm currently trying out a couple of products as although my skins been bad, I'm really not coping this time round so want to try some new stuff. Tonight I am going to use Oilatum for the first time, to be honest I am not particularly excited as it is supposed to make for a very greasy and oily bath, but if it calms my skin I'm game for a few oily baths a week. I'm also trying some of those Simple products which so far are feeling pretty good. I think I struggle most with how quickly I need to reaplly products to feel good, a lot of them wear off after a few hours.



I personally find the itching the worst thing about psoriasis but I think a lot of people struggle with how it looks and try to cover themselves up. There is no need to flash your skin when you don't want to but also don't cover yourself head to toe in boiling temperatures just because of a bit of red skin. I cannot tell you to not feel uncomfortable for showing your skin but if you do, I can only reassure you that it doesn't look as bad as you think, people will not think you're a monster for having it. Most likely people will feel sorry for you, if so go with it and demand ice cream! Embrace the bad skin and let it go, stress is a big trigger for psoriasis and there is nothing more stressful than worrying what other people think of you. 

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