Saturday, 16 July 2011

Matisse the Genius

After watching the BBC documentry about Henri Matisse last year I have become a little bit obsessed by the man and his work. I have always been a fan but now I am a devout fan. My Twitter background is even dedicated to him.

This is the man who used colour like no-one before him, by today's standards his work could just been seen as a multi-coloured mess but at the time no-one was using colour like him. Matisse was daring, different, bright and impressively simple. Think of anything that has such bright colour and it wouldn't be here today without the help of Matisse, he created this love of colour that many people have. Yes, today you can't escape colour and artists use images like this all the time, but at the time it was revolutionary. 

As many of you know I am a big lover of colour and this is why I love Matisse, colour shows emotion better than anything else and colour can impact on everything in the world. Matisse's influence can be seen everywhere. Look around the room you're in, see any bright colours near each other? Matisse made that possible. I'm not saying Matisse is the only reason these things are here, but he was definitely the biggest influence in starting the trend.

Yes, Matisse is an artist and as one his work is not to everyone's taste, but you have to admit that modern interpretations are pleasing to the eye...



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