Sunday, 18 April 2010

Maxi dresses

I love love love maxi dresses but I have a slight problem with them, that being they appear to all be made for tall girls and I am NOT a tall girl, I am not that short but I am definitely not tall.

I have found one maxi dress that is an alright length on me, it is not floor length but at least I can wear it out and about without tripping over it or dragging the end of it on the floor.

Despite this I still REALLY want a maxi dress that fits properly and that I do not have to wear a top underneath like I do with the one I already own.

In my hunt for a maxi dress I went into town today and found this gorgeous one in Peacocks for a very respectable £22 (ignore the moody look on my face).

I really, really like it however I have again the problem of the length, it streams the floor for a couple of inches at the bottom. I wish they would make them in a variety of lengths, it would make things a lot easier for me. I am thinking I could potentially take up the couple of inches fairly easily but I won't be able to do that until I am home and have a sewing machine so no point in buying it just yet.

So I am pleading with shops to start making maxi dresses in different lengths as I get very annoyed with them streaming the ground, if they do this I will be very pleased.


G-andy said...

gorgeous, buy it buy it buy it!

Keeks said...

Why thank you! I may do!

Jeanette said...

looks good! i'm too tall for maxi dresses :( tried one in new look.....too short and some how it aged me by 20 years!!!!

Keeks said...

Ah yes. I never thought about you lucky tall girls, they really are all made for one perfect height which is ridiculous.

I do think some of the styles and patterns look very dated.

I think maxi dresses require serious dedication if you go looking for them. Hehe.

Anonymous said...

Hun, did you watch gmtv this morning? They had a fashion thing on maxi dresses, and they said that shorter women should look in the petite section of shops for them. They also said miss selfridge do a really nice line of maxi's for shorter women. Might be worth having a look? xxx