Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Project 365 - Day 56 (07/04/10)

Day 56: I thought I'd show you my outfit with my jacket on and off as this top has cool sleeves, today it has been worn by my mum, my big sister and me today. Not as gross as it sounds, mum bought it and put it on but didn't like it so gave it to my sister who tried it on (it looked lovely on her) and then I tried it on for fun so she let me where it out for an evening at my friends as what I was during the was covered in fishcakes (I make a mean fishcake but I'm messy!). I think it's a fun top and it looked lovely on my mum and my sister, it has a touch of the '70s about it which is always good.

The rest of my outfit: brown Faith boots, leggings, shorts I made, top already explained (I think it's from Sainsbury's), New Look floral jacket, long necklace (a present so no idea where its from) and earrings from Turkey.

I like this look today, colourful and fun but surprisingly flattering.

Well I'm off to last.

Much love

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