Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Shoes shoes shoes

As some of you may know my Mum and I have been making a dress which I have decided to wear to my university Summer Ball in a few weeks.

As the dress is so summery and bright I have been on the hunt for shoes as I seem to only own black shoes which I think would look a little too heavy.

I have been through all the shops and shoes do not appear to fit me, I have shrunk by half a shoe size which is very difficult. I also wanted pink shoes to go with the pattern on my dress.

I eventually landed online at Asos as their new free delivery was too tempting. I found 2 pairs of shoes I love but am sadly probably going to have to return them.

This pair were only £15 and are very pretty. They are a very similar colour of the underskirt that is going with my skirt which is why I got them. I am a little undecided on them as they are so very high heeled and the heel is skinnier than I am used to so not sure how long I would last dancing in them. They may be a possibility though.

These were more expensive and were still only £40 which isn't too bad. I love love love these. I found the ankle strap a little sore and annoying though which is why it is off in the second picture. I particularly love the little flowers on the side, so cute and add that little something different. They would go great with the '50s style of the dress. They are pinkier in person, less nude coloured but still very light which makes them quite neutral, good for my a colourful dress like mine. These definitely have to go back though as I don't like the ankle strap and when it is off my feet slip out. Other than that they are PERFECT. Such a pity but nevermind.

Keep an eye out for hopefully another more successful buy. Or I may keep the first pair, I will see. I love shoes, wish I had an excuse to keep pairs that I don't wear.

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