Friday, 1 October 2010

High tea with BNTM final three...

Yesterday I was privileged enough to meet the final 3 contestants from Britain's Next Top Model and as I absolutely love the Next Top Model series' I was pretty much in heaven. And having watched these 3 on TV for some months before this meet and greet, going for a trip to the ladies room with them felt a little surreal....

The three girls Tiff, Joy and Alisha are all lovely and really made me realise that I now don't know who I want to win. They were all so charming and lovely and are really taking the pressure of the competition completely in their stride.

Tiff was much more quiet than I expected but far from seeming like she lacked confidence or that she was aloof, instead she seemed mature and reflective and genuinely like she was taking in the experience, listening and enjoying the chat. She was far from untalkative though, the three of them together could talk for hours; a lovely sign of a true friendship.

Joy seemed the most at ease when we first met, a massive smile and happy to talk. She was, like the others, honest and open. She had hilarious stories, my favourite being about her pet squirrel Nutty, and was extremely engaging while talking. Joy was extremely down to earth and seemed to find solace in her family and friends.

Alisha who, as she admits, was portrayed as a joker and confident was telling us of her insecurities which yes I think are there but far from holding her back, make her endearing and extremely friendly. She was definitely very witty and once you got her talking she could entertain you for hours.

In general the girls were all of course stunning but I was surprised by how natural they all were and how open and honest they were. They were happy to reel off stories about the highs and lows of the competition and reveal things that were not shown on TV. I was particularly surprised, however, by how many negative comments have been made about these girls and understandably how much it has hit them and those around them. These girls do understand that negativity shouldn't beat them down but for girls thrown into the limelight it is of course going to take its toll from time to time.

All in all I had a great few hours and found the girls absolutely brilliant, especially considering the pressure that was on them with the final just a few days away. I can honestly say whichever one of them wins will not take it for granted. I think they all deserve the win and I can not wait to see how their careers will blossom in the future.

Prepare for more posts...particularly after the live final on Monday.


G-andy said...

looks like a fun day! Nice write up :)

Róisín said...

Very cool Keeks. I want Joy to win so I'll be watching the live final on Monday.
As you say though, they're all destined for a successful modelling career.

Keep us posted!!