Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Project 365 (Again)

I did a Project 365 where I blogged about my outfits every day for a year a few years back and nearly completed it, but just not quite.

So I'm starting again.

Prepared to be bored and be prepared for lots of PJs, I live in PJs.

A few changes this year, as I am obsessed with nail art I will include my nails as/when I feel appropriate. I am also planning to use the 'Everyday' to photograph my changing face so will probably include some of them.

My boyfriend is also doing a photography course so may well use him for some better shots.  

I am hoping this Project 365 will coincide with lots of fun things this year so here goes. 

And I can always dream that by Day 365 I will have included a long wished for pair of Louboutins! 

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