Thursday, 10 January 2013

A little OPI splurge

I had a little splurge on some new OPI nail varnishes today. I absolutely adore OPI and I love my new purchases have completely excited me.

Here are my new purchases from today. They are from left to right: The Spy Who Loved Me, The Man With The Golden Gun (more about this later), Skyfall, Goldeneye and Thanks a Windmillion.

The first four are from the James Bond Collection, I already had Live And Let Die and The Living Daylights which has given me a lovely 6 from the collection. Aren't they beautiful?


This rounds out my OPI collection to a lovely 7. I think I'm getting there....

I recently upgraded my make up case to my nail varnish as my collection has become so huge. The case has perfect storage for my Nails Inc varnishes with my accessories, OPI varnishes and other brands in the base.

With these new additions to my rather epic nail varnish collection I decided to do a new manicure today. I had to use the The Man With The Golden Gun, this is a top coat which is made up of flecks of real 18k Gold. How could I not use it?? It will probably be the only bit of real gold I'll ever own!

I decided to use Skyfall as a base on all fingers except my ring finger and cover it with the The Man With The Golden Gun. On my ring finger I used Goldeneye. 

I am loving this!! I was a little impatient so I didn't do a great job, which you can particularly see on my little finger! However, I still absolutely love the real gold works so well!! What do you think?


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