Monday, 22 August 2011

Lady Gaga in Versace

When Lady Gaga announced a few months ago she would only be wearing Vintage Versace (meaning Gianni) for 2 months I became more than a little excited. These are the clothes, more specially prints, that made me love fashion. Of course, these looks are obviously old fashioned now but at the time, amazingness. Fresh, new, bright, colourful and bold. I think Lady Gaga was extravagent as always but remained true to Gianni's vision.

Recently though she has been spotted in some Donatella creations that are just flawless. I never thought I'd feature Gaga on my blog as I find her fashion stunts irritating but I have to say when she stepped out in these Versace pieces she did the only shocking thing left: look simple and gorgeous.

These three pieces were pure perfection for me and show how amazing Versace is. Simplicity is the key to Donatella's designs, they are not overly complicated but they are still beautiful. Simple accessories are all that are needed and Gaga's relaxed hair and make up are perfect. I even love the diva night-time sunglasses with these looks, Versace is high class so whoever wears it should embrace that to it's fullest. 

My favourite look had to be the beautiful black dress with yellow and purple flower design, just so effortlessly stunning. She even pulls off black pumps to perfection (black are becoming a something of pet peeve when you see all the beautiful shoes on offer) but I suppose you can't go wrong with a Versace/Louboutin combination.

To quote Rachel Zoe... I die!

I know this is just as much a stunt as her meat dress was and caused just as many headlines but I still love it. If she continued dressing like this I'd be a much bigger fan.

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