Sunday, 31 January 2010

Some of my favourites

These here a few outfits things I love.

The top image is not only one of favourite outfits ever, but it was also the night I met Jedward (yes I love them and I am proud!). Back to the clothes...the dress was really long and I pinned it up to make it a long top over a leggings which looked quite funky. I love the red belt with it.

The next shot is a dress of my friends (thank you Pove) which I love and wish I could have stolen!! I love it with my gladiator heels and the lovely flower painted on my face by the lovely Pove again.

Picture three completely demonstrates my absolute love of leopard print, apparantly its because I'm a redhead.

SPICE UP YOUR LIFE. I wish I could be Ginger Spice forever - why can't dress up be part of everyday life.

Picture 5 is my attempt at festival chic - it was day one so I was yet to get drowned on so felt quite good about myself here.

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