Saturday, 22 September 2012

An off topic post... Jesus Christ Superstar

The arena tour of Jesus Christ Superstar opened last night at the O2 and it looks like it was amazing.

Check out Chris Moyles as King Herod singing one of the best songs from the show. He is brilliant!

The show also stars Melanie C as Mary Magdalene, Tim Minchin as Judas and Ben Foster in the title role. Ben Foster was found through a reality show which I, of course, followed and I had picked Ben Foster as my Jesus from his first audition. 

Having watched Chris Moyles and some other videos on YouTube it seems like they've made it really modern which I am so impressed with.

As you can see in the King Herod video above, they've based this scene on a TV show with the ability for the 'viewers' to text in and vote on whether Jesus is the Lord or a fraud. There are stage managers and camera crew running around. It's a very clever way of showing the modern relevence of the Superstar story. You don't have to be Jesus, just a 'superstar', to be at the receiving end of this kind of treatment. Persecution, denial, ridicule. 

In the crucifixion scene it appears that he is strung up on stage lights (rather than a wooden cross), again an extremely clever way to make it modern and interesting.

It is genius to decide to make it so modern and fresh, it can appeal to a brand new audience and make it understandable to all. I have always loved the music from JCS and I love that maybe more people will watch this and listen to it in this new updated format. 

It looks like it went down a storm and I am gutted that I have been too poor to afford tickets, however thanks to all the youtubers for already uploading videos. You guys rock!

Well done Andrew Lloyd Webber! 

P.S. The costumes are also awesome. Check out the four main stars below. I particularly love Herod's red suit!


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