Saturday, 17 March 2012

Some more nail art

I am even more obsessed with nail art. Since discovering Pinterest I have also discovered how many cool nail art designs you can do at home. Here are a few I have tried. 

I tried some more marbled nails. Practice definitely makes perfect. 

Using toothpicks I did some hearts and dots using normal nail varnish.


I've also been having lots of fun with my models own nail art pen. I've been practising so I've got a little better. Here are a few of the designs I've done.


These are some spots and stripes. Not great but one of my first proper attempts.


I did this leopard print ring finger manicure for my trip to the zoo. I thought it was rather appropriate.

This is personally my favourite look I've created with this pen. It takes a very steady hand (not so easy on using my left hand) and a lot of patience but I like it. As with them all, I'm sure practice makes perfect. 

I'm really getting into DIY nail art but at the moment I've only scratched the surface. When I have time I'll be doing lots of different things. I want to try out a splatter manicure and some proper stripes using tape

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