Sunday, 18 September 2011

Cover up: Beyonce addition

I'm not a prude but I feel that too much flesh on show is a little trashy, especially when looking sexy can be done while looking a bit more elegant.

And at the risk of pushing back the work of multiple feminists over the last century, I don't thing that being pregnant is the best time to need tit-tape to guarantee there's nothing on display that shouldn't be.


I love Beyonce and she is all about sexy and flesh-flashing but I do feel this look would have been so much more awesome without her midsection on display. I'm not saying you need to dress like a nun when you get pregnant but I just think sexiness is a little different when you're with child.

Take a leaf from the classic Kate Hudson or the glamazon Gwen Stefani or the pregnancy queen Heidi Klum

When pregnant I think that less is not always more...

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